Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's More Than Just Avocados and Sprouts

I have always loosely connected California with "healthy" food - things like alfalfa sprouts, raw food diet, etc. More recently I was jokingly told that California-style means add some avocados to it. After all, Bobby Flay's Burger Palace lists watercress and avocado amongst the ingredients for its Napa Valley Burger and L.A. Burgers. And in addition to the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, there are grocery stores with names like Sprouts and Fresh-and-Easy (though I think the latter is a failed attempt by the conglomerate Tesco).

So, when we went to a local place for steak the other night, I was not expecting to see this on the dessert menu:
Yes, those are marshmallows on the left. And a few squares of chocolate and graham crackers. And yes, that is honest-to-goodness blue fire and flame in the middle. I have no idea how this passes safety inspection - we were lighting marshmallows on fire in the middle of a restaurant. Regardless, the s'mores are mighty tasty when you can toast them up at your table. Oh - and since this is California, they included some fresh raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries on the side.

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